Sherwin A. Brook



The services provided by BrookWeiner LLC pertain to companies’ financial statements and give them an opportunity to bring their vast knowledge of business operations to various companies. This interaction helps identify conditions that could, if not addressed promptly, become serious business problems. Often, new business opportunities are identified through this process. Cash requirements, production demands, labor conditions, acquisitions, and insurance requirements are reviewed as part of this process.

As Managing Partner, Sherwin provides auditing, business consulting, risk assessment, and legal support services for numerous corporate and individual clients. With nearly fifty years in the Accounting field, he specializes in business consulting, auditing, advising for start-up businesses, helps assist clients with complex issues of multistate filings, consolidated returns, trust, estates, and more. In addition, Sherwin has served on many professional committees and organizations and has built his reputation by dealing both the business and personal needs of the client relationship.  He is affiliated with Sigma Nu.

Sherwin attended Northwestern MBA program on only completed about ¾ of the program before passing the CPA and decided to go to work for AA & C0, and a BSA in Accounting from Northern Illinois University College of Business.

BrookWeiner, LLC is a highly regarded Certified Public Accounting firm with over 40 of the brightest professionals in the field serving their clients. Highly trained, knowledgeable and hand-picked, the employees of BrookWeiner represent family businesses, and high net worth individuals and their families, providing outstanding tax services, tax planning, assistance and preparation, business advisory, business valuations, and forensic accounting. The company’s outstanding reputation attracts clients which include real estate developers, construction companies, community banks, service businesses, distributors, manufacturers, trade association members, non-profits, internet service providers, as well as many other clients. BrookWeiner stays on the cutting edge of accounting laws, continually sending their employees for training.

With the shifting and changing of the banking environment, Mr. Brook has overseen the expansion of their audit based practice and as a result has received the highest rated peer reviews for over 25 years. They are also on the approved list of CPA firms for attestation services. Additionally, they specialize in business consulting and advisory for startup businesses and they have expanded their audit practice to include hedge funds. The firm is handling third party provider studies SOC 1 and 2, as well as expanding their tax practice internationally.

In the beginning of his career, Sherwin Brook was an audit manager at Arthur Andersen and Company (1967-1972), specializing in real estate, insurance banking and other financial services. From 1973 to 1975, he accepted the position of Controller at Inland Robins Construction before becoming the Auditor Manager with Touche Ross. Taking the culmination of all his experience in November of 1977, Sherwin A. Brook opened one of the most outstanding, prestigious firms in the greater Chicago area, BrookWeiner, LLC.

Utilizing his extensive knowledge, Sherwin Brook is able to advise his employees on audit and tax related issues as well as focus his attentions in the areas of business advisory, wills and succession planning, mergers and business startups. Mr. Brook also shares his expertise with networking groups in the greater Chicago area and has had over 1,100 individuals attend his breakfasts and more than 500 persons have joined the linked groups for the North Shore Breakfast Club and the Downtown Breakfast Club.

Mr. Brooks is a member of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AMAA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting professionals in providing the highest level of expertise for companies looking to transition and/or acquire prudently held businesses. He is also a member of TIAG, AICPA, ICPAS, NACVA, NACFE, TMA, and FFI.

Sherwin Brook is dedicated to providing the best financial consulting services to his clients, to his community and to its families. He is the Director of the Anti-Defamation League, which is an organization dedicated to eliminating all forms of discrimination regardless of race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. The organization believes that any form of discrimination hurts the rights of all.

The people of the greater Chicago area are indebted to Mr. Sherwin A. Brook for his service to the financial world and the community at large.