Rob Moir

Rob Moir, Ph.D. is from Cambridge, Mass. Dr. Moir is the President and Executive Director of the Ocean River Institute. The Ocean River Institute connects donors and advocates with specific community- based opportunities to practice stewardship, save wildlife and protect ecosystems with environmental education, science, and conservation by facilitating the grassroots efforts of groups working at local and regional levels. They look for opportunities to modify behaviors to reduce polluting and protect essential places. “We are saving the ocean, fish by fish, river by river” says Dr. Moir. The Ocean River Institute has a partner, Captain Nancy Beaver who runs Sunshine Wildlife tours on her boat out of Stuart. Captain Nan takes school groups, families, and researchers out on the water. They rescued a pelican found tangled in fishing line at Bird Island where ORI maintains a camera. The vet removed two fishing hooks, one had been swallowed and attended to an injured wing. Three days of recovery and $1,000 later, pelican was back on Bird Island. The state of Florida is attempting to close down the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge near Palm Beach. The Refuge was created to stop the sugar industry dumping dirty water. It was protected when the U.S. Department of Justice enforced water quality laws and ordered sugar industries to clean up their act. The 143,954-acre refuge is a mosaic of wet prairies, sawgrass ridges, sloughs, tree islands, cattail communities, and a 400-acre cypress swamp provide essential wildlife habitats for the Peninsula Cooter (a turtle), King Rail, Limpkin, Fulvous Whistling-Duck, White and Glossy Ibis, Sandhill Crane, threatened Wood Storks, and endangered Everglade Snail Kites – home for 250 species of birds. Hundreds of ORI members from all fifty states are writing personal comments why they value the Loxahatchee NWR. ORI works with each author to build a cacophony of compelling voices calling on the Governor to work with the federal government and take federal funds to clean up and restore the Everglades in particular the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Area. The Ocean River Institute is focused on cleaning up Florida beaches and waterways. Working in close collaboration with local and regional groups, ORI has been reducing harmful algal blooms in Indian River Lagoon. Palm Beach County is suffering from the worst harmful algal bloom, choking waterways. ORI is currently working with residents and visitors to improve Palm Beach County lawn care. In every other county of the Indian River Lagoon lawns are fertilized three times a year and not during the summer months when the worst algal blooms occur. Neighboring Martin County has lawns just as green as Palm Beach County while they take a summer holiday from feeding their lawns. ORI is educating top ten yard actions for cleaner water and less harm of waterways. These activities are transferable to other communities for clean water. ORI is working to protect fish and fishing jobs by rebuilding fish populations and fighting for sustainable fisheries management. Save Herring and Forage Fish is a campaign to recognize blue-back herring as an endangered species and to take an ecosystem-based management approach to fish herring sustainably. Save Our Oceans from Nitrogen Pollution is a campaign that addresses the worst pollutant of oceans. Nitrogen feeds harmful algal blooms that cause fish kills and ocean dead zones. Together We Can Better Manage Oceans is a collaborative effort to engage, educate and broaden constituencies supportive of comprehensive management of ocean waters. Dr. Moir has won many awards in his time. A Switzer Environmental Fellow and the recipient of the James Centorino Award by the National Marine Educators Association being one of them. Dr. Moir has been a leader of efforts to clean up Salem Sound, Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. He is a co- founder of Salem Sound Coastwatch and founding chairperson of Ocean Champions. He is a member of the Environmental Entrepreneurs E2, The Coastal Society, National Marine Educators Association, Harvard Museums of Natural History, Essex County Ornithological Club, and the Conservation Biology Society. Dr. Moir earned both his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies and M.S.T., in Science Teaching and Environmental Management from the Antioch New England Graduate School at Antioch University, along with a BA in Natural Sciences from Hampshire College. Additionally, he holds a certificate in Ecology from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. With over thirty-five years of experience, Dr. Moir has acquired a multitude of knowledge throughout his illustrious career. He specializes in environmental science, issues, and awareness, as well as science education, conservation issues, community outreach, sustainability, advocacy and more. Dr. Moir works with local, regional and international groups to maintain a network of partners and provides them with resources and services to aid in the maximization of their impact to help save the environment. PRNFM is proud to present Dr. Moir for his astonishing acts of work and the great concern he has for the world becoming a better place.