Margaret “Peg” Tracey



A native New Yorker, Ms. Tracey has more than 41 years of experience in the education field.  She is currently the Regional UniServ Director with the California Teacher’s Association.  Ms. Tracey serves as the chief representative for over 4,000 teachers, for grades Pre K-12 and a community college in San Bernardino.  She oversees contracts, employee rights and working conditions.  It is her responsibility to provide solutions to problems, training and counsel for daily situations.  Ms. Tracey formerly taught junior high, middle and high school in Broward County, Florida, teaching English, Latin and Humanities. She served as Regional UniServ Director with the Texas State Teachers Association and the Executive Director for the Amarillo Classroom Teachers.  She also was a UniServ Director with the Georgia Association of Educators/NEA, working as chief representative for 10 local divisions.  In 1991, Ms. Tracey moved to California to serve as Executive Director of the Garden Grove Education Association.  In 1998, she became Executive Director for the Fremont Unified District Teachers Association, remaining there until 2001, when she moved to San Bernardino.  Ms. Tracey received a B.A. in English, from Florida Atlantic University in 1967.  She is a member of Phi Delta Kappa, the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, the California and National Staff Organizations and the National Association for Female Executives.  She currently resides in Riverside, California, where she is an avid reader, enjoys collecting Southwestern art, the theatre and deep sea fishing.