Mary Kay Slessinger




Kay was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1936. Attended Urbana High School, graduated in 1954. Kay went on to receive her BA in psychology from Ohio University in 1958. Kay married Frank Kendrick in 1956, and had one child Frank Kendrick Jr. In 1959 Kay moved her family to Clearwater, Florida, this included her mother, grandmother, six brothers and sisters and her son. She took a position as district director for Pinellas County Girl Scouts.

Two years later the 17 year old brother, Johnny, was in a car accident and was killed. This led to Kay returning in Ohio University to get her Master of Art degree in Human Relations.

She married John W. Slesinger in 1963. They moved to Macomb, Ill. where she directed an 800 population dormitory and her husband received his M.A. in Education. Her son was now 3 years old.

They returned to Urbana, Ohio for two years where she taught school and John was assistant principal of the high school. Their daughter Kim was born in 1963.

They moved the family to Xenia, Ohio. Kay got her real estate license in 1967 after giving birth to her 3rd child, a daughter, Sheri. Real estate was very natural for her and she sold 14 houses her first summer in the business. Two years later she became one of the first female brokers in the area. She has been in the business now for 48 years, although she primarily takes care of her 100 plus properties and her mobile home park. In her years in real estate she won many awards as a top producer locally and in the state Through the real estate and family rearing years she was on many boards including the Chamber of Commerce in Xenia and Beaver creek, Ohio and the Multiple Sclerosis Board. She was Pres. of the Ambassador Club, and organized a Junior Ambassador Club at the high school. Kay organized a week of activities for What’s New Xenia during her early years in Xenia. From that through contacts with Wright Patterson Air Force Base she arranged for the band to play for that week and further arranged for annual Christmas concerts by the Wright Pat Air Force Base. They continue every year since 1970. In 1990 she wrote the book, YOU’RE and began giving speeches through the state of Ohio. She had a radio talk show and TV talk show for 2 years in1992-1994. She also acted in two plays during those years.

In 1996 after her husband John’s death in 1995 she was invited to speak on cruise ships as a motivational speaker for Cunard Cruise lines. She met Paul J. Rich, Jr. in 1998 on a cruise. That began their love affair and the l3 year marriage. The two of them traveled the world every year. She moved to Buffalo, NY to be with him but continued to oversee her real estate business and maintain her Ohio home and family connections. She and Paul made many trips back and forth between NY and Ohio, as well as annual world travel.

They had a wonderful marriage, and since his death in 2012 Dec. Kay has written a movie script about their love affair and has starred in the movie.

She also is involved with Pathways for Veterans and her book is being used to help sexually abused vets.

Since the death of her wonderful husband she is committed to sharing and speaking about how to have a successful marriage. There is nothing more valuable or healthy than living in a loving relationship.