Anne Yensen




Anne Yensen, Assistant Nursing Supervisor for MemorialCare Medical Group , has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in nursing.

MemorialCare Medical Group is physician-owned primary care group, with 80 providers in family medicine, internal and geriatric medicine and pediatrics. With more than three decades of nursing experience and nine years in her current role, Ms. Yensen has multiple areas of expertise, including ambulatory care and assistance of the nursing supervisor and other nursing staff and physicians. She helps with nursing schedules and resolving problems.

Ms. Yensen has always been interested in helping people, and her concern is evident in the number of awards that have been bestowed upon her by Worldwide Who’s Who. She was distinguished as a Professional of the Year in Nursing in 2012. She is a two-time VIP member, and has also been named Top Female Executive and a Top Elite American in Nursing. She has also been featured twice in Pro-Files Magazine.

Ms. Yensen has been successful because of her diligence and reliability, which also helped her receive a master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University in 2003. She would like to be working in the mental health field and obtain a professional license in the future. To this end, she takes continuing education classes and has obtained some relevant volunteer experience, including with the American Cancer Society. She is a member of Involvement in Church. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading and listening to music.