Find the Treasures of God Ra with Book of Ra Slot

September 3, 2017 - Recent Shows

One of the most interesting games from the company Gaminator is the slot machine Book of Ra online. Today we will talk about it. This slot has gained unprecedented popularity since the late nineties. It’s unlikely that you will be able to find a player who does not know and at least once did not play in this slot. It is classical at its core. In its subject line, the topic of the untold riches of ancient civilizations rises. In general, this theme is quite popular among the producers.

Among games of this type, the riches of many ancient peoples are sought. In the slot Book of Ra, we will plunge into the history of ancient Egypt, or rather we will struggle to receive the ancient scripture – the book of the Sun God Ra. So, this slot as well as most games from Gaminator contains several levels, each of which can bring you a certain amount of money. You will stay in one of them throughout the game process constantly. But to get into the other two you will need to fulfill certain conditions. However, let’s talk about everything in order.
online slot Book of Ra

Sacred Reels

In this level of the game you have to spend the most amount of time. In it, you need to spin the reels. This spinning will take place under the ancient music, which creates a stunningly real atmosphere of an ancient world. In this level your task is to collect as many identical symbols on the horizontal lines of the game as possible.

For each set of identical symbols you will receive a reward. The more rare the symbol is, the more potential it has for money. That is, for three travelers – the protagonist of the slot, you will get much more money than for the same scarabs – the sacred animals of Ancient Egypt.

Consider this and always strive for more. From this level with the sacred reels you will have the opportunity to get into other additional games with additional winnings.

Three Books of Ra

This is your opportunity to get 10 absolutely free spins. To do this, you need to catch three or more symbols with sacred books on them. These books will trigger an extra game. If during free spins you will get three or more books again, then additional rotations will be added to those already available.

It must be remembered that these rotations can significantly improve your well-being. In addition to the fact that they will reward you with all combinations dropped, they will also give you an opportunity to earn on an additional symbol.

Double Card

Double card is an additional game from the standard set of levels of the slot machine. During the fall of any combination, you have the right to receive a reward in the form of a double increase of the available prize. To do this, press the appropriate key and then select the color of the hidden card.
So, the Holy scripture of Ancient Egypt waits for its winners. Hurry up to participate in the most interesting battles for great wealth!

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