Polly Humphreys





Success Coach & Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond


Humphreys has been helping people -”Get Mentally Clear, Get Unstuck and Get Moving” quickly into SUCCESS for nearly 20 years.

She shares that long before she became the trusted Success Coach and a Certified Hypnotherapist – she was actually an adult client requiring skillful guidance from a Life Coach and, a Hypnotist to conquer childhood fears.

Fear, an actual blessing in disguise helped Humphreys discover her purpose, her true calling and, her passion.  Her moving success accomplishment as a client, ultimately pointed her beyond her AAS Degree > in the direction of receiving advanced trainings in both coaching and hypnosis.

She is proof nonetheless, when a person has a clear vision, and combines self-commitment with expert guidance, they can achieve the goals and dreams they love, that live on.

Now Humphrey’s loves helping people develop ultimate satisfying solutions with lasting results!  She tells her clients, “When you are willing to do the work necessary to conquer your hurdles, and you have expert guidance assistance, you can amazingly turbocharge your full potential and your life’s results”.

In 2014, Humphreys found her client’s success with customized sessions could absolutely go beyond her office walls.  Her clients continue to successfully break though their obstacles and barriers regardless if they are in her office, or working together on Skype or Face Time.

Having the ability to speak with Humphreys in a free no obligation consultation, is a bonus for helping people get an easy feeling for her professional style.  They like getting their questions answered.  And they appreciate her listening ear; and that she believes no one single approach is right for every person’s needs / desires.

Her professional guidance helps her clients quickly gain a clear vision and understand for how to sustain steady movement to their next level.  Creating decisive solutions and knowing how to persevere, helps her clients stay on tract.

Inside Humphreys “toolbox” you will find her specialized tools beyond reason; and essential keys that fit you just right.  They are required for success!


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