Kate Sholonski & David Larson




After a nearly three-decade nursing career as part of operating room and orthopedic staffs, Kate learned first hand the value of heartfelt leadership in creating and maintaining a productive culture. In 2001 she transitioned from nursing to coaching and became certified by the Coaches Training Institute, followed by an expanding history of service to include, inspirational speaking, leadership training and founding a non-profit corporation serving teens that addressed bullying in the schools. She has also been a coach consultant for the television show, Hotel Impossible. Her natural ability to easily connect with people and bring out their best has been the source of her success.



David Larson Bio


David serves as a life fulfillment coach, psychologist, and business consultant. In his psychology practice, he has worked successfully with every conceivable conflict, disturbance, personnel problem, and relationship challenge to businesses and their leaders for more than 25 years. No matter what the depth of stress or despair, he remains a visionary for peace, possibilities, and hope for humanity. A specialist in the management of anxiety and panic, David is the author of the popular anti-anxiety course, How To Stop Your Anxiety Now!




Joint Bio:


Together, David and Kate bring their passion for personal development to organizations committed to being and achieving their best. They enthusiastically present workshops nation-wide on the creative use of positive personal power and accelerating profit potential.  Together, they own Triumph Leadership Group, a growing tribe of leaders who bring about the transformation of lives and organizations by teaching others to lead from the inside out.  As creators of their Heartfelt Leadership Training Program, they routinely work with corporations, assisting organizations and management teams to mine hidden leadership potential, and maximize morale and profitability in their businesses.


They have co-authored two books, Wide Awake and Heartfelt Leadership: Creating a Culture of Connection.