Dr. William H Searcy


Dr. William H Searcy’s Interview | January 24, 2017


Website: For extensive CV see: Dr. William “Bill” H. Searcy and his wife Betsy live in their hometown Rocky Mount, NC where he is an elder in the Westside Church of Christ. He founded SearcyCare LLC where he is a professional pastoral counselor with offices at Brooks Ave. Church of Christ in Raleigh and at the Westside Church of Christ in Rocky Mount. For thirty-four years Bill was a Church of Christ missionary, professor and counselor and traveled or lived in eighty countries on seven continents, including Antarctica. From 1975-83 Bill was in college he traveled in and out of the Soviet Union and other East European communist countries smuggling Bibles, planting underground churches, counseling students who worked overseas. He was sponsored and supported by the College Church of Christ in Searcy, AR. During 1982-84 Bill worked in Memphis, TN as a group therapist, psychiatric community followup social worker, and hospital liaison for the Northeast Mental Health Center, Memphis Mental Health Institute, and the Tennessee State Department of Mental Health. He labored for five years (1984-89) the jungles and swamps in a medical and church mission in Belize, Central America serving as one of the coordinators for Health Talents International (HTI). He and his team trained community health workers. Bill was the Belize chairman of the Sam Walton scholarship committee for Central American university students to US universities like Harding. In Catacamas, Honduras and Guatemala City he trained medical doctors, nurses and students in cross-cultural communications and the diffusion of innovations in the Center for Medical Missions Training (CMMT) and the Medical Evangelism Training (MET) program of HTI and PREDISAN. He was sponsored and mainly supported by the Richardson East Church of Christ in Richardson, TX (Dallas area) from 1985-2010. Bill served as the Visiting Professor of Missions at Harding University during 1989-90 where also he counseled those planning to live and work overseas, then became the Missionary-in-Residence for the Richardson East Church of Christ in 1991. From 1992 – 2010 Bill lived and worked in Kenya, East Africa. He was the senior professor of Counseling, Bible and Cross-cultural communication at the Nairobi Great Commission School (NGCS) for training ministry leaders from many nations and more than 50 tribes throughout Africa. In addition, he was the registrar for the school and chairman of the board of directors for seven years. Dr. Searcy was the African Coordinator of the NGCS/Abilene Christian University (ACU) Masters in Biblical Studies Program and the Coordinator Director of the eleven NGCS-extension centers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. He also co-coordinated in Kenya the Masters in International Nursing program of Harding University. In Meru, Kenya he was the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees of the Kambakia Bible and Development Training Center. When terrorists bombed the American Embassy in Nairobi in 1998, Bill became one of the main trauma counselors to US diplomats and Kenyans. During this time he established SearcyCare. In 1992 Dr. Searcy’s first wife, Kathy, died in a car accident when their children were 5, 3, and 2 years old. He was a single dad of three children for fourteen years in the international community until he married Betsy who was an old high school sweetheart. Dr. Searcy uses his own multiple experiences with cross-cultural trauma, death, and grief as tools combined with his academic training. During the works mentioned above Bill received three degrees from Harding University: BA double major in Missions and in Biblical Languages (1977); Master of Theology (currently called Master of Divinity) in Counseling (1982); and Doctor of Ministry in Missions (1986). He studied seven languages: English, Greek, Hebrew, German, Russian, Garifuna, and Kimeru. He did special studies in German language at the Goethe Institute in Boppard, West Germany (1978), in Russian language at Memphis State University (1979) and in a special Russian language school in the mountains outside of Vienna, Austria (1981) where he was both a student and the administrator of the school. When he returned to the USA in 2010 he completed four internships of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC and did a number of continuing education courses Harvard Medical School in Boston. Bill is 62 years old and has three adult married children and one granddaughter. Very Brief Biography Dr. William “Bill” H. Searcy Website: For extensive CV see: Bill left home, ca. 1969/70, when he was 14/15 years old to be a hippie and hitchhike coast to coast, sometimes living in communes, involving himself in a number of religions as he looked for God. He was arrested for being underage in California on Sunset Strip in Hollywood in Los Angeles and returned home to North Carolina. He quit the drug scene at 16 and returned to high school. He did a short time in prison at age 16/17 on a drug charge. This was where he studied the Bible, fell in love with Jesus Christ and was converted to Christianity. After release and restoration of rights he finished high school and went to college. These experiences helped him and helped to help him help others. 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