Anna Lousie Gaspar

My father, Miklos Gaspar was Born in Kaba, Hungary in 1885. He was a famous mural painter and ecclesiastical artist both in Euorpe and in the United States. He was a member of the Hungarian Art Institute and exhinited and won prizes at the gallery of arts and National Salon of Budapest. During World War I he was war painter to the Imperial Roayal Press Headquaters and painted on the war front in russia ,Italy, Serbia,Roumania and Bulgaria. He came to the United States in 1921 and settled in Chicago, Illinos where he continued painting historical subjects and other commisuions. For the 1933-34 Century pf Progress Exihibiton he painted 40 large murals along with two other artists for the General Motors Building. Theywere called “The States” and showed themanufacture of the parts used in making automoblies and picturs of the materials being manufactured in 40 states. Lane tech High School aquired them and have on exhibt throught the school.
        In the Union Leage Club in Chicago is an entire room od 24 paintings my father did depicting the activiets of the Boy’s Club.He passed away in 1946 but he is mentioned in three books: “A guide to Chicago’s Murals” by Mary Lackritz Gray,”Art for The People”by Heather Backer and ” The Union Leauge Club of Chicago art collection.”
       My mother was born in Sombor, Hungary which became part of Yugoslavia after world war I. She meet my father in 1932 inBudapest andafter he proposed to her for six months by mail before she came to the United States.After my father passed away she earned a living by editing and typing master theses and doctorial dissertations for college and university graduating students.She passed away in1957.
     I had an aunt, Rose Dobos, her pen name, who was a concert pianist, the youngest to get a degree in music.She went from Budapest to Paris, France where shelived and worked as an accompainst for choruses and orchestras for 13 years before moving to Vevey, Switzerland after World War II. There she was a famous professor of music and accompainst at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She passed away in 1997. Her younger brother was a dentist and doctor in Genoa, Italy until he passed away in 1973.
I was born in Chicago, Ilinois on May 12, 1935. My Parents were living in the famous Tree Studio building and when I was born, they bought a 75 year old house on 829 West Lill Ave. There my father had a studio built for himself in the back of the house from where he worked.I grew up and was educated in Chicago.I went to Alcott Elemntary schooll for 8 years. Then after one year at Waller High School, I recived a scholarship for the last three years of high school at a private school called ” Francis W. Parker.” After I graduted in 1953 I went to Northwestern University where after four years I recived a B.S. in education in 1957. I had been playing the piano since I was 5 years old and by the age of 10 I begun compsing music. I wrotethe graduation hymn in Francis Parker and the backround music for two children’s Theater productions: ” The Three Bears” and”Beauty and the Beast” while I was at Northwestern University.
  After I graduated from Northwestern University in 1957 I recived an assignment to teach elementry school fro the Los Andles City Schools. I moved to Los Angeles in 1957.I First taught 6th grade at the Pacific Palisades elemntary school (1957-58). I stopped teaching for a half year after my mother died. Then i returned to L.A. and taught 1st grade at Eastrman Street Elemntry School (1959) and glassell Park Elemtary school (1962-1967)
    I took a half year sabbatical in the spring of 1967.When I came back to Los Angeles I was assigned to Brentwood Elemntry School where i taught from 1967 to 1978. I took more sabbaticals in 1975 and 1977.
       I was transferred to Brockton ave Elemntry school and taught there from 1978 to 1990 when I retired. While there I taught 4th and 5th grades.
 After I stopped teaching I applied to be a volunteer in the peace corps. I was assaigned to help open a Resoucre Center with a counter part in swakopmund, Namibia, I spent 22 months there and when I returned to the United States in 1993 I moved too Sun City, Summerlin in Las Vegas. I am still living here.
   Before I left for the peace corps I contacted the smothsonian archives of american art in San Marino, California. My mother had compiled a large album of magazine, newpaper  articels and photograhps ofsome of the work of my father. I also had an album of original sketches in black and white pencil and charcoal that my father had drawn on the front in world war I. I donated them to the Smithsonian . They are now in the smithsoniam archives of America art in washington, D.C.
  When I moved to Las Vegas I substituted in public and private schools from 1994 to 2000. Now I enjoy participating some of the clubs in Sun City such as the art club, chamber music club, Photo Club and the Womens Club.
   My interestsare: classical music,art,traveling all of the world and going to Exploritas (formerly elderhostle)programs.Ibelongto the Northwestern University Alumni Club and the Southern Nevada Peace Corps Association. I am a member of the International Platform Association.
   I have my Bio Printed in Marquis “Who’s who in America””,Who’s who in the world”, Who’s who education”, “Who’s who in the West”, and ” Who’s who of American Women.”